What the Different Numbers of Roses Mean

What the Different Numbers of Roses Mean

Roses are the ultimate choice for gift-giving. They are universally recognised as symbols of love and affection, and their delicate beauty makes them a timeless and sophisticated gift for women – whether they’re mothers, wives, girlfriends or close friends. 

However, the significance of a stunning bouquet of roses matters – and varies depending on the recipient, determined by two factors: colour and quantity! Trust us – the last thing you’d want is to offer a bouquet of six roses to a platonic friend. Not sure what that means? Read on to discover the meanings behind the number of roses, and ensure your gesture is perfectly understood 🌹

1 to 10 Roses

Single Rose: A single rose is the best gift for a new love. It indicates ‘love at first sight’.

2 Roses: Two single roses suggest a deep love shared between partners of mutual love and affection. 

3 Roses: In floriography, three roses translates to ‘I love you’. Three roses are also commonly given in celebration of three-month anniversaries.

4 Roses: Representing the four changing seasons, four roses show that nothing will separate you and your partner. 

5 Roses: Not limited to significant others, five roses are suitable for family and friends as well. This number says you care, love and admire them.

6 Roses: Six roses proclaim ‘I want to be yours’ – a potent expression of affection that shows you’re ready to advance your relationship, especially if you’re dating.

7 Roses: Seven roses signify infatuation for the recipient. In some cultures, seven is a lucky number, so you can also use this to say you’re lucky to be together with them. 

8 Roses: Conveying care and support, eight roses can be given to communicate your appreciation to loved ones who stood by you during trying times, or demonstrate your resolute support if they’re going through one.

9 Roses: This means eternal love and that you’re ready to spend a lifetime with them.

10 Roses: A whole number of 10 roses spells perfection. It is one of the most impactful bouquets for a romantic partner.

11 to 20 Roses

11 Roses: This says ‘You are the one I treasure’. 

12 Roses: Similar to six roses (‘I want to be yours’), a dozen roses denote ‘Be mine’. A bold and classic number to win the heart of a special someone.

13 Roses: An ambiguous 13 roses can either hint at a secret admirer, or symbolise a friendship that will last forever. 

14 Roses: For significant milestones, 14 roses exclaim pride for the recipient.

15 Roses: 15 roses carry notions of apology and the desire for forgiveness. 

16 Roses: Gift 16 roses to express well wishes for someone who’s going away – in other words, ‘Bon voyage!’. 

17 Roses: Specific but versatile, a bundle of 17 roses is one you would like to give your wife. Apt for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

18 Roses: Just like reaching the golden age of 18, 18 roses convey sincerity while saying ‘Stay young and beautiful’. 

19 Roses: A poignant symbol that shows your willingness to wait for someone.

20 Roses: 20 roses pledges your profound and heartfelt devotion, and asks for your recipient to put their trust in you.

21 to 30 Roses

21 Roses: 21 roses demonstrate dedication and commitment. They make a fitting gift for female friends and family who are celebrating their transition to adulthood. 

22 Roses: A pair of twos can symbolise togetherness or convey wishes for the best of luck.

23 Roses: There’s no connotative meaning behind a bouquet of 23 roses. However, if this number holds significance for you, it could be worth considering and makes for a special gift.

24 Roses: Simply, ‘You’re on my mind 24/7’.

25 Roses: Representing a wish of happiness and/or congratulations, 25 roses can also honour silver anniversaries in a sweet and romantic manner.

26 Roses: Like 23 roses, 26 roses is usually reserved for personal sentiments.

27 Roses: Much like 17 roses, this number expresses resolute and unconditional love for your wife.

28 Roses: 28 roses is an impressive and heartwarming gift for a best friend forever.

29 Roses: This indicates ‘You’re special to me’. 

30 Roses: A big bunch of 30 roses communicates faithfulness, especially for a significant other. 

31 to 40 Roses

31 Roses: Some individuals use 31 roses for marriage proposals, although 12 is a more common number.

32 Roses: 32 roses make a statement, announcing your steadfast love for your partner lasting until your dying breath.

33 Roses: A unique choice for displaying great affection and devotion.

34 Roses: As a not-so-subtle method of announcing your crush for someone, the meaning behind this sizable bouquet will not go unnoticed.

35 Roses: An armful of 35 roses is an extravagant way of saying sorry.

36 Roses: Meant for the relationships that are as passionate and blissful as they first started, three dozen roses in a single bouquet remind of unchanging love while inspiring remembrance.

37 Roses: This says ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart’.

38 Roses: For the most beautiful person in your life.

39 Roses: Want someone to know they mean the world to you? State it with 39 roses. 

40 Roses: 40 roses universally symbolise enduring and genuine love, one that perseveres through life’s ups and downs. 

41 to 50 Roses

41 Roses: When the perfect match seems too good to be true, presenting 41 roses declare that your compatibility extends beyond personality, but also visually.

42 Roses: 42 roses makes it clear when popping the momentous question, ‘Will you marry me?’.

43 Roses: A louder alternative to eight roses, this one is aimed at couples and conveys, ‘I’ll stand with you always’.

44 Roses: Whether your partner is awaiting a bold promise or enjoys darker themes – 44 roses make an indelible impression, vowing that only death can break the two of you apart.

45 Roses: A step up from 44 roses, 45 carries the same message of endearing love, particularly one that persists through changes and challenges.

46 Roses: Believe in the concept of soulmates? Let your significant partner know you’re two halves of a whole with 46 stunning roses. 

47 Roses: For your one and only true love.

48 Roses: Essentially, ‘My love for you is constant’.

49 Roses: Much like 48 roses, 49 roses serve as a reassuring symbol of unwavering affection. 

50 Roses: Passionate and grandiose. Offer an impressive bouquet of 50 roses as a pledge of unconditional love, especially one that has never been regretted.

More than 50 Roses

When fewer than 50 roses barely suffice to do the depth of your love and devotion justice, giving more than 50 roses can make a powerful declaration. Typically viewed as an extravagant gesture, offering more than 50 roses signifies your willingness to go above and beyond to ensure your special someone knows the important place they hold in your heart, and are forever cherished and adored.

Double digit quantities such as 55, 66, 77, and so on represent profound and abundant love. At the peak, is the presentation of 99 roses – indicating a commitment to love until the end of time – a timeless and unforgettable choice for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and, of course, proposals.

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