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The essence of self-care and self-love can be profoundly enhanced by incorporating the elegance of J'adore Maison flowers into your home. These meticulously curated, single-variety fresh flowers, available with or without a vase, serve as a gentle reminder of the importance of nourishing our surroundings. The artful tapestry of colors and textures woven by these blooms graciously lifts the atmosphere, infusing your living space with a serene, rejuvenating energy. Moreover, J'adore Maison flowers are designed to be accessible and affordable for all, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative impact of these exquisite floral accents. Indulge in the simple, yet profound pleasure of fresh flowers as an act of self-care that elevates the spirit and celebrates the beauty of life.

Available in 3 sizes - Petit, Moyen, Grandiose 
Subscription Plan: 
3 Deliveries 
Choose a type of flower 
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Deliveries will be made on a weekly basis from the chosen date and the subsequent two weeks after on the same day


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Baby's Breath
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Blue Thistle
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