Bridal Bouquets


Our collection of bridal bouquets suitable for a quick and fuss free pre-ordering! A collection of various sizes and prices as well to meet your needs. 

All our bridal bouquets come with a vase, groom's boutonniere, and a small packet of flower food. 

You can click on the WhatsApp button to speak to us if you would like to customise your very own bouquet! 

Delivery timing for our bridal bouquets:

Monday to Saturday






Flowers are dependent on availability and seasonality. If a certain flower is not available, we will find the next most suitable replacement. We won't be able to inform beforehand what will be replaced as well, as it depends on availability when we shop at our suppliers. Do also understand that flowers may differ slightly in terms of shade as well. As much as we try to produce the same bouquet as seen in photo as much as possible, there will be times when some of the flowers will be changed or differ in colour slightly. 

We also encourage self-collection rather than delivery for bridal bouquets for better handling of flowers. Delivery is charged at an additional $15 for our bridal bouquets. 

How to care for your bridal flowers?

Keep them in the vase of water in an air-conditioned room. Change the water in the vase daily or as soon as you see cloudiness in the water. Add a little flower food to the water when you do change the water. It is advisable to collect or have the flowers delivered a day before your wedding and not earlier. 

16 results
Sweet Candy
From $133.50
bridal bouquet pink
From $201.00
red peach bridal bouquet singapore florist
Scarlet B.
From $98.50
White peach bridal bouquet
Petite Peach B.
From $133.50
Petite Mandy
From $116.00
Alluring Sarah
From $196.00
Irresistible B.
From $233.50
Pastel Rainbow
From $203.50
Blushing Bride
From $186.00
Charlotte B.
From $261.00
Rosy B.
From $153.50
Amethyst B.
From $196.00