10 Meaningful Flowers to Express Appreciation for Dad on Father’s Day

10 Meaningful Flowers to Express Appreciation for Dad on Father’s Day

With the departure of Mother’s Day comes Father’s Day in tow, falling on the third Sunday of June each year. This year, the special occasion is slated for the 16th of June, 2024 — a time perfect for telling your dad he’s the #1 guy in your life. 

Those who have made it a tradition to gift fatherly figures on Father’s Day are no strangers to striped neckties, cheesy mugs, fine wines, and of course, branded colognes. But at some point, you might have considered giving flowers before dismissing it as a woman’s gift. 

Today, we at Dawn Q are here to challenge that notion — because everyone loves to receive blooms and dads, of all people, will be the ones who understand the sentiments behind them. Whether it’s grandad, dad himself or your husband, here are some flowers that embody a range of qualities that you might find manifest what you feel about them, from gratitude, strength and guidance to others.

Ahead, we introduce the top 10 Meaningful Flowers to Express Appreciation for Dad on Father’s Day:

1. Orchids

Featuring White Phalaenopsis Orchid In Pot by Dawn Q

Orchids are gender-neutral flowers that are also rich in sentimental meaning. Instead of putting what you want to tell dad into words, customise it using orchid colours for a change. White communicates respect, purple signifies kingship, and green wishes the best of health. In Japan, orchids are considered an emblem of wealth and loyalty, while China sees them as a symbol of power and admiration. The sleek silhouette of orchids would look great in the office too, don’t you think?

2. Tulips

Featuring Lollipops in the Sky by Dawn Q

Incorporating tulips, or presenting a bountiful bouquet of tulips is ideal for Father’s Day because these graceful cup-shaped blooms depict unconditional love. They’re also commonly associated with support and charity, encapsulating the giving nature of caring and selfless fathers. Choose for him tulips in solid colours such as vivid pink, purple and blue for a display that reflects sincerity and aligns with dad’s taste. 

3. Sunflowers

Featuring Sunflowers by Dawn Q

The magnetism of sunflowers is as universal as our deep and heartfelt affection for our fathers. While you may roll your eyes at his silly jokes and tell him that he’s repeated a single story one too many times, remind him that it’s all in jest with this classic flower that adds a cheerful touch to any arrangement. Largely endearing and intensely jovial, sunflowers also stand for strength and resilience, qualities found in the constant pillars of support in our lives.

4. Chrysanthemums

Featuring Adorbs by Dawn Q

Few flowers rival the varied significance of chrysanthemums, representing both friendship and well-being in the Victorian era, on top of happiness and longevity in ancient China. Existing in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes, chrysanthemums are also incredibly versatile for accenting various floral arrangements, whether you prefer a bouquet that’s loud and showy or a posy that’s more stripped-down. Varieties such as the full and soft ping pong chrysanthemums are especially popular for adding texture. 

5. Lilies  

Featuring Lilies by Dawn Q 

Lilies exude a sweet and pristine aroma that captivates both men and women. Encourage one of the hardest working and most responsible individuals you know to pause and indulge in life’s finer pleasures with a stunning lily ensemble that radiates elegance. This gift will not only brighten their day but linger in their memory like the delicate, saccharine scent of lilies.

6. Roses

Featuring Passionate Peony Garden by Dawn Q

Everyone loves to be pampered, including the man who’s pampered you from the very first day you were born. Show him you reciprocate with roses, particularly with red ones that confidently declare your strong love and affection. Feeling like it’s a bit too much? Ease into the concept with pink roses, which represent gratitude, or white roses, which can be given to express steadfast love and unity. 

7. Anthuriums

Featuring Pearl Anthuriums by Dawn Q

Although lesser-known, anthuriums are truly memorable for their distinctive appearance, featuring heart-shaped leaves and vibrant, waxy flowers. As epiphytes, anthuriums have earned a reputation for their remarkable resilience and endurance, adapting to their environment and remaining as accommodating as ever. Sounds like dad? Let him know with this impressive houseplant that’s sure to evoke feelings of pride and honour, wherever it’s displayed, while offering a balance of beauty and practicality.

8. Gerberas

Featuring Gerberas Garden Delight by Dawn Q

Flowers often appear more dainty when draped in pastel shades. Gerberas, or African daisies, defy the traditional perception of femininity associated with their daisy counterparts — thanks to their bold and bright hues — making a striking impression. Coming in a rainbow of colours, gerberas mainly symbolise happiness. A bouquet of radiant gerberas is a fitting gift for a dad who’s always there to pick you up when you fall.

9. Birds of Paradise

Featuring Lush in the Tropics by Dawn Q

Birds of paradise are unquestionably one of the more masculine flowers out there, so if you’re iffy about gifting dad flowers, this is a good place to start. Steeped in significance, BOP denote faithfulness, freedom, as well as exploration, making them a rather abstract but profound selection. Complementing this is their exotic and vibrant blossoms that resemble the feathers of a tropical bird in flight. 

10. Hydrangeas

Featuring Hydrangea by Dawn Q

Don’t overlook hydrangeas despite their fluffiness! These are majestic flowers that come in a plethora of brilliant colours, amazing for creating breathtaking floral designs. Additionally, hydrangeas symbolise gratitude and abundance. Among our favourites are the luxurious purple hydrangeas, signifying deep understanding and royalty, and poignant blue hydrangeas, representing gratitude and at times, reflection. 

Final Thoughts

As Father’s Day draws near, it’s time to think about how you want to celebrate the remarkable men in your life with meaningful gestures. Flowers, especially in recent times, surface as a desirable choice, communicating our most deep-seated emotions from love and appreciation to admiration. Whether it’s grandad, dad himself, or your husband, our curated selection of flowers offers a token that validates their efforts and honours their unwavering presence.

Explore Dawn Q’s online catalogue to discover the perfect floral arrangement that speaks volumes about not only their character, but your feelings for dad. Let this Father’s Day be an opportunity to express your affection in a truly unforgettable fashion, where love permeates through the delightful fragrance and enchanting appearance of nature’s most exquisite creations. 

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