A Guide to Expressing Your Love Through Valentine's Day Flower Colours

A Guide to Expressing Your Love Through Valentine's Day Flower Colours

Valentine’s Day is more than an occasion for casual gift-giving. It provides an opportunity to articulate the depth of your emotions, an annual challenge to amaze and impress, and the perfect chance to strengthen the love and connection with your soulmate. 

Amidst a myriad of possible gifts, flowers offer an enduring and impactful way to do all of the above. However, the secret to nailing the right bouquet or singular bloom lies in selecting the precise colours that encapsulate the unique relationship you share with your recipient. Uncover how you can achieve this here, with Dawn Q’s guide to Valentine’s Day flower colours!

Types of Flowers for Valentine’s Day

The selection of colours for Valentine’s Day flowers is important as they grab attention immediately. But equally crucial is the choice of flowers, as each conveys a specific message. Before we look into the meanings associated with various flower colours, here’s a quick overview of some flowers to consider as you navigate through your colour options: 

  • Roses: A quintessential symbol of romance, roses stand as a safe and timeless choice for Valentine’s Day. Looking to elevate the gesture? Enhance the sentiment by considering the number of roses, as each count carries its own distinct meaning.  

  • Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas are a close second to roses when it comes to popular Valentine’s Day flowers. These round and large clusters, too, symbolise love, sincerity and gratitude. 

  • Sunflowers: Sunflowers are awash in positivity and warmth with their bright yellow petals and radiant appearance. Brighten up anybody’s day with these stunningly bold blooms.  

  • Callas: Calla means beauty in Greek (​​kallós), in keeping with its sophisticated silhouette. Calla lilies also represent passion and faithfulness.

  • Ranunculi: Does your date charm your socks off? Make the ranunculus the star of your bouquet, a flower that represents charm in various cultures. Its exuberance will dazzle in any colour you pick. 

  • Daisies: These ditsy springtime flowers may convey purity and cheerfulness, but can also communicate beauty and fertility. Great for free spirits and down-to-earth individuals – or if you’re simply wishing to take the relationship to the next level. 

  • Tulips: Tulips are undeniable classics in the realm of floristry. Pick these universally loved stalks that signify unconditional love, whether you’re gifting your partner, family or friends. 

  • Peonies: Soft and feminine, it’s easy to understand why peonies stand out for bridal bouquets. But you don’t have to wait till then or confine your choices for yearly celebrations. Select this perennial favourite to inject playfulness and unequivocal affection into your posies for Valentine’s Day.

With these flowers in mind, you may have some vision of what you’d want your bouquet to look like. Without delay, let’s explore the many colours that define and personalise the Day of Love for couples around the world. 

Red: Passion and Desire

Featuring 99 Red Roses (Fresh) by Dawn Q

The colour red denotes our strongest and deepest desires. Linked with the heart, this passionate hue is best used to represent intense attraction, profound affection, and steadfast commitment. It’s everything a love story would be – and often chosen as the colour to adorn a romantic rose (or 99 of them). 

Pink: Romance and Grace

Featuring Lilac Pink (Fresh) by Dawn Q

Pink offers a sweet and subtle alternative to the attention-grabbing red, but is no less dignified in its significance. Like red, it’s representative of love, but softened with a hint of grace and tenderness. Some also allude to pink as a symbol of sensitivity and kindness. Moreover, this gentle colour exists in a spectrum of shades. Consider hot pink (Barbie anyone?) for energetic and confident appeal, and baby pink to evoke femininity and nurturing comfort. 

White: Purity and Innocence

Featuring Ice Breaker by Dawn Q

Do you characterise your love as pure and untarnished? Then white might be the colour for your flowers, enveloping your dearest with a sense of serenity and everlasting devotion. Pristine in any form and undoubtedly refined, white definitely stands out in a sea of colourful and vivid bouquets. As the staple colour for weddings, it also serves as a clear sign that you would like to advance your relationship to forevermore.

Yellow: Joy and Friendship

Featuring Sunshine Garden (Preserved) by Dawn Q

Research has revealed that those who marry their best friends tend to be happier. If you’re among the lucky ones, there’s no better way to capture your unique and blissful union like a brilliant bundle of yellow flowers. Yellow, a lively colour often associated with optimism and warmth, also signifies friendship – bright and inviting, much like the sun. Even if you’re not celebrating February 14th with a special someone, this could be a heartwarming gift for friends, too.

Orange: Growth and Warmth

Featuring Tulipopia by Dawn Q

Orange, as a colour, promises a healthy and mature relationship built to last. It balances the warmth and enthusiasm reminiscent of new beginnings with the confidence and understanding shared between two predestined soulmates. Defeat all odds with this vibrant and fiery colour that illustrates the profound and fearless connection between two halves of a whole. 

Purple: Admiration and Respect

Featuring Graceful Callas (Fresh) by Dawn Q

Have the most important person in your life feel like royalty on Valentine’s Day. With a historical association with nobility, purple bouquets exude a sense of richness and classic elegance unmatched by any other combination. Opt for a lavish, luxurious and extravagant choice that is sure to make heads turn. 

Blue: Trust and Hope

Featuring Love Symphony (Fresh) by Dawn Q

Does your partner hold values close to their heart? Let them know you resonate with their worldview with an arrangement dipped in blue, conveying resounding trust, patience and fidelity. This might sound familiar because in some wedding customs, wearing something blue is said to ward off the evil eye, ushering in protection, purity, and of course, love. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, handpicking colours that match your love can be challenging, given the vast range of emotions and nuances that love encompasses. However, if you have a deep understanding of your partner or share an unbreakable bond, your choice is bound to be a delightful one and will hold great sentimental value!

In addition to the aforementioned options, Dawn Q showcases numerous other arrangements designed to mirror each couple’s one-of-a-kind relationship. Armed with insights into flower types and, most importantly, colours from this article, explore our catalogue of fresh and preserved blooms – ready to bring surprise and joy to your loved ones, Valentine’s Day and beyond.