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Rosy Crimson (preserved)
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One can never forget the enchanting aroma of fresh blooms. Delicately handcrafted into breathtaking bouquets, Dawn Q's exquisite collection of fresh flowers are a luxurious gift for any occasion. Be graced with the pleasant warmth of carnations, the earthy intensity of roses, the uninhibited richness of hydrangeas and the sweet subtlety of baby's breath.

With over 50 charming designs and dozens of beloved flower species, only the freshest flowers make it into our exquisite posies of love, admiration and congratulations. Etch our artisanal flower bouquets into eternal memory whether for yourself or a loved one.

Moab Magic (New)
From $221.00

Beautiful blooms that defy the relentless march of time and challenge the unspoken notions of a transient gift. Dawn Q specializes in the exceptional and deliberate art of flower preservation, a fascinating practice with roots tracing back to ancient history. Our carefully dried and treated preserved flowers come in various forms: petite silhouettes, rustic glass jars, grand bouquets, sophisticated vases, and whimsical boxes. 

Available in myriad colors and compositions, perfect as a centerpiece or as an accent, these hardy flowers are poised to weather a lifetime with you or your special someone.


There are times when gestures of support seem to resonate and penetrate more deeply than spoken words. When verbal expressions seem to fall short of the intensity of your feelings, sympathy stands provide a genuine visual representation of care and solidarity. Our condolence flower stands are put together to evoke sentiments of heartfelt respect and comfort, helping individuals get through difficult times of loss and grief.

Likewise, Dawn Q's celebratory floral stands are designed to be there with you on your most special occasion. Gilded with an unmistakable message of congratulations, these flower arrangements stand tall as a beacon of happiness, success and warm wishes. Milestones and celebratory moments are complete with a stylish and joyous assembly of gorgeous blooms. Choose from Dawn Q's vivid variety of flowers.

Lost in thoughts of mesmerizing flowers? Stop and smell the roses – immersing yourself in floral artistry and showing appreciation can seamlessly intertwine. At Dawn Q, our florists know better than anyone else how deep one's love for nature, botany and flowers can go. Therefore, we have curated a sweeping catalog of flower services that convey the sentiments and nourish the floral passion of flower lovers for different occasions.

Capture the allure of blossoms in full bloom with our dried flower collections. Hold on to a lovely bouquet personalized exclusively for you, for your special day. Elevate your knowledge and fondness for floristry in our enriching workshops. Lift your spirits with our invigorating flower subscription, supplementing your home or office with fresh flowers delivered on a weekly or monthly basis.

As a premier online florist in Singapore, Dawn Q is dedicated to enhancing the lives of floral enthusiasts, bringing purpose, rejuvenation and satisfaction to every floral experience that touches our lives.

Wedding Portfolio

At Dawn Q, we take immense joy in turning couples' dream weddings into resplendent realities. Witnessing two souls unite amidst the incredible beauty that surrounds their love is not just a service, but a transcendent and magical experience we are committed to be there for. Renowned for our expertise in crafting bespoke floral masterpieces, Dawn Q is the go-to florist for all floral wedding decor.

Our portfolio showcases dazzling wedding arches straight from fairytales; enchanting aisles adorned with the romantic allure of roses, peonies, and lilacs; centerpieces swathed with ethereal hues of pink, purple and white; and pristine hand-tied posies tenderly arranged as a tangible expression of affection, purity and new beginnings.

Behind every one of our floral arrangements lies meticulous planning, careful preparation and thoughtful execution. Our aim is to provide brides and grooms with an extraordinary and unforgettable celebration of their love. Talk to us to find out how we can mold beautiful flowers into a stunning tapestry that reflects the core of your souls and essence of your wedding day at now.

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Same-Day Flower Delivery

Dawn Q is distinguished as one of Singapore's best online florist shops, offering an awe-inspiring selection of impressive bouquets, quality dried and fresh flowers, and unparalleled speed at your service. Recognizing the demand for perfect flowers received at the snap of a finger, last-minute events, unforeseen emergencies and the occasional lapse in memory (we've all been there!) can now be easily remedied with our proudly presented free same-day delivery.

The extra mile we put in extends to ensuring each flower arrangement is not only swift, but available at an affordable price. With us, every choice is truly effortlessly delightful. We also offer the convenience of self-collection to customers who prefer to pick up their flowers personally.

An Undoubted Manifestation of Your Most Profound Emotions

Say it with flowers. Whether celebrating an anniversary, graduation, Mother's Day, a regular day, or a birthday, floral arrangements and bouquets serve as a powerful means of expressing your deepest sentiments and desires for those you love or care about, including yourself. Our extensive collection of captivating and bewitching flower designs empowers customers to choose concepts that express their emotions eloquently.

Alternatively, consider selecting a finely customized bundle of beautiful blooms to precisely mirror and tailor your heartfelt words of affection, adding a distinctive personal touch to your earnest gesture.

Boundless Choices, Abundant Blooms

There are few other florists in Singapore with as widespread a catalog as ours. Gift ideas don't run out at Dawn Q, the ultimate stop for a meadow of diverse botanical varieties and endearing presents. Send flowers put together in a mellow mix-and-match of tulips, lilies, orchids, roses, carnations, gardenias, chrysanthemums, and daisies, nestled in picturesque vases, elegant boxes, and pretty jars.

If you're adventurous, we also have specially curated gifting concepts that you can no doubt brighten someone's day with. Explore gift sets and standalone gifts, from well-loved jellycat plush toys, universally favored candles, to decadent chocolates and time-honored tea. Just like our flower delivery service, Dawn Q's gift delivery promises your recipient gets their present on the same day too.

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Seasoned Florists At Your Service

We are the home of some of Singapore's most elite florists. Here in our humble flower shop, a talented team of first-rate flower artisans reside to create and curate floral designs that surpass your expectations. Each member of our handpicked ensemble brings a unique blend of creativity, skill and passion to the services we provide, from preserved and fresh flower arrangements, one-of-a-kind gift boxes to insightful flower workshops.

Welcome to our floral haven, where a seamless online flower delivery can tell stories, evoke emotions, and complement the significance of every occasion.

Masterfully Crafted With Utmost Care For You

For years, individuals from all walks of life have been counting on Dawn Q for flower delivery in Singapore, entrusting us to the task of turning their special and ordinary moments into memories cherished for a lifetime. From vivid celebrations of various milestones to the somber commemorations imbued with respect and reflection, Dawn Q has been an unwavering partner in transforming thoughts into intricate and profound floral expressions, each bloom carefully chosen to convey feelings that linger in the heart long after its petals have unraveled.

With just a few clicks, Dawn Q can deliver quality fresh flowers and enduring dried flowers, offering a pleasant experience defined by hassle-free convenience and exquisite craftsmanship. Find the perfect bouquet and place your orders online now to enjoy our fast flower delivery! Don't wait; let the spellbinding magic of premium floral arrangements permeate you and your loved ones today.

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