Flower Arrangement Workshops and Classes in Singapore

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The most beautiful bouquets are distinguished by their harmonious interplay of colors, textures, and fragrances. If you have ever been entranced by a breathtaking arrangement of flowers, pondering the intricate artistry behind its assembly, you're certainly not alone! The allure of floral arrangements captivates many of us, each bouquet narrating a distinctive tale through its deliberate combination of species. Enter the world of floristry, a rich, vibrant and sensual art form that permeates your senses with the symphony of nature's most spectacular wonders.

Learn, Craft and Blossom with Our Flower Workshop

There is an inner florist that resides within you. Dawn Q presents an enticing array of foliage-crafting opportunities to bring that creativity out! Enroll in any of our floral arrangement courses to experience the best of top-notch floristry.

Under the guidance of our accomplished florists, students acquire not just design principles, botanical expertise, and advanced arrangement techniques but also coveted insider tips. Furthermore, our compact but comprehensive courses let individuals explore different types of flower species, experiment with diverse color combinations and construct one-of-a-kind bouquet masterpieces. 

This synergy of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice equips aspiring florists with a well-rounded suite of skills, topped off with an experience that’s profoundly therapeutic and enjoyable. With us, the learning process of flower arranging is all the more fun, genuine and meaningful.

Flower Arrangement Workshops: Single Sessions and Floral Packages Available

Dawn Q's flower arrangement workshop options include those for fresh blooms, preserved flowers, Christmas wreaths, hand-tied bouquets, and flower arrangements for vases, baskets and boxes. We also have floral jamming packages that supply you with the materials and basics to make you feel like you have your own floral studio, right at home.

All of our flower workshops entitle individuals to bring their own creation home. Most of these sessions last about one to two hours.

Singapore's Favorite Destination for Floral Arrangement Workshops

Dawn Q welcomes all florists, new and seasoned, to explore and create with us. Whether you are a budding florist in search of new uncharted learning pastures, or just shopping for a delicate and gorgeous hand-tied posy, there's ample opportunities to participate in our collective venture towards artisan and bespoke floral creations.

To find out more about our floral arrangement courses or arrange for a suitable date and timing to drop by our studio, kindly contact us by giving us a call at (65) 91796689 or by sending an email to sayhello@dawnq.com. Our inspirational and insightful flower arrangement session awaits you – don't wait, join us and sign up today!

Dawn Q's beginner-friendly flower arrangement workshops and classes are also great for families and corporate teams seeking unique bonding experiences.

Cancellation Policy

Do note that we do not accept any exchange or refund. 

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