These Are the Spots You Should Place Fresh Flowers in Your Home

These Are the Spots You Should Place Fresh Flowers in Your Home

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The vibrant presence of fresh flowers in a living space brings about remarkable effects that can be felt from the environment’s ambiance down to its inhabitants’ well-being. It’s no wonder that floral arrangements make an integral element in home decor spreads, celebrity homes and furniture showrooms. Make the most of the fresh flowers you’ve received by placing them, strategically, at these prime locations. These spaces will guarantee an inviting and peaceful atmosphere for both you and your guests!

There’s Always Room for Flowers

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First and foremost, no home is too big or small for flowers. Neither should your choice be restricted by your home’s interior design concept or a single space’s practicality. With their versatile trio of various colours, textures and scents, flowers lend a divine beauty that can instantly brighten up even the most modest of rooms. They can even turn a sprawling mansion that lacks intimacy into one that’s warm and inviting, infusing it with a sense of life and charm.  

From your bedroom and living room to your kitchen, bathroom and entryway, allow flowers to complement your home’s design scheme by inserting them into these spots. 

1. Add Character to Your Side Table

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A side table offers a convenient surface for us to set down everyday items, but it’s more than functional with the right decor. Fresh flowers slipped into slim or petite vases pair beautifully with side tables, which are often smaller than coffee tables and come in a range of materials and styles. Clear glass and rustic wooden pieces can benefit from a pop of colour from more colourful floral arrangements.

2. As a Centrepiece on the Dining Table

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A bold and eye-catching bouquet sure makes a conversation starter at the dinner table. Place a bouquet of unabashedly friendly hydrangeas, sunflowers or lilies for a centrepiece that sets the tone for conversation and connection. Nice to have on most days, but a must-have on special occasions. 

3. Beautify Your Dresser

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That forgotten dresser in your bedroom deserves a glamorous makeover. With a vase of choice, nestle blossoms such as roses and tulips for an instant feminine, romantic impression. Or, if you’re looking to create a more serene and relaxed environment, pick baby’s breaths or matthiolas, which are more delicate and can soften out the rougher edges of your bedroom. Fresh flowers will breathe life not only into the area around the dresser but also into the entire room, possibly perfuming it with a subtle fragrance as well.

4. Wake Up to Flowers by Your Bedside

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Nothing simultaneously calms and energises like a charming bouquet of flowers that greets you first thing in the morning. A display of blooms with clean and fresh scents like lavenders, lilies and hyacinths will fill you with positivity for the day. Consider shorter vases that don’t overwhelm the space and easily tip over, with flowers cut at a moderate length so they don’t become too top-heavy. If you prioritise colours, bright shades like yellow and orange are both attention-grabbing and cheerful.

5. Break Up the Monotony in Your Shelves

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Transform your shelf from dull to sophisticated by adorning it with fresh flowers in stunning hues that complement a white, black or wooden frame. Play around with different heights and arrangements to find the perfect spot in your bookcase where the flowers can add that finishing touch and enhance proportion.

6. Next to the Sink, For a Touch of Elegance 

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Washrooms often conjure up images of odours and unsightly stains — generally a place we don’t want to stick around for long. But flowers, especially fresh ones, can draw your eyes away from the toilet and towards the beauty of the flowers and the effects they bring — freshness, fragrance and tranquillity. Position a simple but elegant flower display next to the sink, which will remain visible whenever you’re at the mirror. Alternatively, place it next to the bathtub so you can gaze at and admire its beauty as you unwind in the bath. Even a modest selection, like a single lavender or eucalyptus can add interest to the space.

7. Create a Warm Welcome by the Entryway

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The entryway serves as a crucial junction where visitors form their very first impression of your home. Flowers immediately create that warm and hospitable atmosphere, being the first things they see as an attractive focal point. Plus, fresh flowers might help to combat some less-than-pleasant odours lingering in the area because of dusty old shoes. Pick a lovely bouquet that suits your home’s design scheme for an overall cohesive look.

Dawn Q’s Fresh Flower Subscription Service

Featuring 1-Month Weekly Subscription by Dawn Q

Looking to add some fresh flowers to your home? Dawn Q offers a wide selection of fresh flowers in a variety of colours, styles and combinations, along with flower subscription services ranging from weekly to monthly. 

Whether you’re in search of sweet Peruvian lilies, funky blue thistles, timeless tulips or others, we have everything you need to accentuate your home. We even have these ones conveniently set down in a pristine glass vase, so no extra shopping is required. 

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