7 Ways Flowers Positively Impact Your Well-Being

7 Ways Flowers Positively Impact Your Well-Being

Isn’t it poetic? How the delight that radiates through your body when you receive a bouquet almost feels like a flower in bloom. From the initial surprise to the resulting fascination, everybody knows that flowers make us feel good. But this positive impact goes deeper than we think — and isn’t receiving the credit it deserves for how it can uplift our overall wellness. 

The next time you find yourself on the receiving end of beautiful blooms, whether from yourself or others, touch your heart and see if you’ve also become an unknowing recipient of these remarkable mental health benefits! Including sharpened focus, stronger relationships, and even faster recovery, here are seven effects all of us could gain from a much-needed burst of flower power.

1. Flowers Decrease Stress and Increase Energy

Flowers have long been acknowledged to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Research has found that flowers can lower the amount of cortisol, the “stress hormone”, released. Even the mere presence of flowers can help us feel more relaxed and at ease.

On the flip side, rather than weighing us down, flowers can also boost our energy. According to a behavioural study by Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, participants who frequently experienced morning blues reported feeling more cheerful after looking at flowers immediately after rising. That said, a vase of fresh flowers in the kitchen during family breakfast might do more than you think.

2. Flowers Improve Focus and Memory

Overcome creative blocks and work slumps with flowers to facilitate enhanced efficiency and memory! Indoor plants can help individuals concentrate and feel up to 47% more productive. Likewise, a study by the University of Michigan shows that walking among trees can improve memory recall by 20%.

3. Flowers Speed Up Recovery

Sending flowers to loved ones who are unwell at home or staying in the hospital is not just an unfounded social convention. Plants or flowers have been proven to shorten recovery times, particularly for those recuperating after surgery. 

Some patients even noted experiencing less pain, anxiety and fatigue, in addition to feeling more positive about the environment of their stay. This healing power is likely closely related to the substantial effects blooms have on our emotional state. 

4. Flowers Brighten Your Mood

Besides nipping stress in the bud, flowers, especially colourful varieties, can actually elevate your mood as well. Primarily, flowers are capable of triggering three feel-good hormones: dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. While dopamine is released during rewarding events, such as receiving a resplendent bouquet of your favourite flowers, serotonin is present during social interactions. Meanwhile, oxytocin, associated with love and trust, may emerge from witnessing the thoughtfulness behind each gift. 

This study highlighted how red and yellow flowers can alleviate feelings of depression, hostility and tiredness after just three minutes of visual exposure.

5. Flowers Foster Emotional Connections

Flowers play a significant role in strengthening relationships among family members, friends and colleagues. Beyond the gesture itself, they foster feelings of compassion and kindness towards others. Moreover, the beauty and fragrance of fresh, delicate flowers create positive associations, influencing stronger and more memorable connections. 

6. Flowers Enable You to Sleep Better

Sleep and mental health are closely related, making it evident that flowers can indirectly encourage better sleep by improving mental wellness. But there’s more — certain flowers are recognised for their effectiveness in improving sleep quality. 

Studies have demonstrated the incredible aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender, aiding individuals, including those with insomnia, in achieving better sleep. Jasmine, on the other hand, is identified as a natural remedy for increasing daytime alertness and reducing restlessness during nighttime sleep. These properties make specific fresh flowers beneficial to our health, not only psychologically but also physically, contributing to overall well-being.  

7. Lastly, Flowers Help to Communicate What You Cannot Put Into Words

Whether your emotions are too complex for words to adequately convey, or you were never much of a wordsmith to articulate your sentiments, flowers can serve as a meaningful medium of nonverbal communication to express your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires. From unconditional care, profound appreciation, unwavering respect and overflowing affection to everlasting love, stunning fresh blooms hold nothing back, allowing you to bare yourself for others to cherish. In other words, flowers possess such power — that they can forge new bonds and strengthen existing ones in ways you never thought possible. 

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