Graduation Bouquets: Common Flowers, Tasteful Additions and Eccentric Concepts

Graduation Bouquets: Common Flowers, Tasteful Additions and Eccentric Concepts

Just like that, we’re done with the first quarter of the year, and soon enough, graduation season will be upon us again!

For the uninitiated, graduation ceremonies in Singapore are typically conducted between May and July, with some taking place as early as late February. Know of a loved one who will donning a cap and gown this year? Now is the opportune moment to contemplate the perfect graduation bouquet! With ample time on your side, you can leisurely explore your options, place your order, and arrange for delivery.

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At Dawn Q, a premier florist based in Singapore, we pride ourselves on offering a myriad of exquisite floral arrangements suitable for various occasions. In addition to our timeless classics available year-round, we curate seasonal bouquets specifically designed for celebratory periods. Keep an eye on our website to be among the first to discover our sophisticated graduation bouquets!

This article talks about the traditional flowers, tasteful additions and embellishments, and fresh concepts revolving around graduation bouquets. 

Traditional Flower Choices for Graduation

Flowers offer one of the best ways to convey your pride in the achievements of someone you care deeply about. Within these options, there are also various types of flowers that communicate additional sentiments. Using handcrafted bouquets to express the emotions that interweave with this monumental milestone can help to deliver messages of optimism, admiration, strength, and even confidence in one’s future. These factors uplift specific flower species to become classics and staples in graduation bouquets, presented during convocation/graduation ceremonies.


Sunflowers pretty much condense all one might want to say in a graduation bouquet, oozing with unbridled joy. These huge bright and cheerful flowers represent positivity, happiness, and health.


After graduation comes a whole new beginning. Apt for the occasion, daisies can inspire a renewed sense of excitement and hope for what’s to come next. 


You can never go wrong with roses. While commonly associated with romantic gestures, roses carry other symbolic meanings such as friendship, passion and gratitude. Finetune your intentions by choosing the appropriate colour for your bundle of roses. 


Much like roses, the symbolism of carnations are distinguished based on their colour. For this reason, carnations are frequently available in a wide range of shades for easy customisability in bouquets. 


These blossoms resemble pompoms and make a bold statement of gratitude and beauty. Though delicate, hydrangeas sure make a lasting impression on recipients and passersby alike. 


Tulips are gentle and charming spring flowers that are a popular choice for graduation bouquets. They are favoured for encapsulating genuine and unconditional love and, in some cultures, rebirth and charity. 


Lilies showcase a magnetic allure with their elegant silhouette and sophisticated colour palette. They can mean renewal, remembrance and even transience, lending an element of depth and reflection to your heartfelt message of congratulations. 

Elevating the Graduation Bouquet

It’s not a competition – but seeing a sea of graduates roaming about with their arms full of flowers does make you wonder how you can make your gifted floral display stand out. 

If you find your bouquet lacking in impact, not adequately expressing your affection, or merely serving as a photo prop, you might consider enhancing the arrangement with these additions, which contribute visual interest and sentimental value.

Plush Toys

Integrating plush toys into fresh flower arrangements will enable recipients to cherish a gift that lasts months and years. Instantly brightening up their day, plush toys are a thoughtful addition, communicating warmth and appreciation. Dawn Q offers a sizable jellycat collection for some of the most high-quality and adorable plush toys worldwide.

Ribbons and Bows

You might have once thought it ridiculous hearing others fuss over ribbon colours, but these glossy strips of fabric actually mean something! Personalise your graduation bouquet with a handpicked ribbon, considering symbolic colours and/or the recipient’s preferences. It’s a small detail, but shows exactly how much care and thought you’ve put into your gift. 


A fresh start often introduces a fresh set of challenges, from new uncertainties to late nights and beyond. Rekindle your loved one’s sense of security and comfort by surrounding them with the nurturing embrace of aromatherapy products crafted for their ultimate wellbeing. Think reed diffusers, candles, fragrances and more.

Coffee and Tea

Gifting tea is often perceived as offering good health. Coffee, on the other hand, can symbolise anything from comfort and warmth to energy and joy. Moreover, these beverages complement floral presentations beautifully and serve practical functions. 


Still not sure what to include? Keepsakes, or mementos that serve to commemorate special events, phases or individuals, are a foolproof method of infusing distinctive sentimental value into your graduation bouquets. These trinkets can be anything you can think of, from letters and photos to handmade gifts and jewellery. Insert these objects as reminders of memories, feelings and relationships.

Unconventional Ideas for Graduation Bouquets

The influx of graduates year by year has ushered in a wave of unconventional bouquets, curated to be unique and unforgettable. Emerging trends include vibrant crochet flower arrangements, bundles of fresh fruits and vegetables, striking money bouquets loaded and fashioned with hard cash, and even mouth-watering and indulgent nugget bouquets.

While these posies offer an interesting, practical, and sometimes humorous approach to gift-giving during graduation, their impact may not resonate as deeply as traditional floral gifts. Nevertheless, understanding your recipient is key to choosing the perfect bouquet. Trust your instincts and make your decision based on your knowledge of your special someone!

Final Thoughts

With the conclusion of an academic journey is the commencement of a whole new adventure. Celebrate and send your best wishes to your family, partner or friend with a stunning bouquet of flowers that embodies all of your affection!

From classic blooms like roses, sunflowers and tulips to memorable additions such as cuddly plush toys and rejuvenating aromatherapy products, bouquets offer more than just flowers or a singular creative direction. Explore a range of flower combinations and dazzling gifts – and keep an eye out for our special graduation bouquets right here with us at Dawn Q.