Passionate Peony Garden (Fresh)

$208.00 $260.00

Experience the beauty and elegance of our Passionate Peony Garden (Fresh) arrangement. Hand-crafted with vibrant pink peonies, bold red roses, and exotic red orchids, this stunning bouquet is presented in a sleek black box. Available in both regular and large sizes for any occasion.

Regular -  5 peonies, approx 20 stalks red roses, and 10 stalks red spray roses.

Large - 10 peonies, approx 50 stalks red roses, and 10 stalks red spray roses


  • SAME DAY DELIVERY except on  Sunday (Please allow at least 5 hours for delivery upon your purchase)

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: 10am to 4pm/2pm to 6pm/5pm to 8pm mon to sat 


    Flowers are subject to availability and seasonality. Where the flower type is unavailable, a similar flower type of the same or higher value will be replaced without prior advisement. Wrapper type and wrapping style may also differ from picture.

    All prices are in SGD

    No exchange or refund.

    Size Guide: 

    Regular - 35 to 40cm across flowers, 50cm tall

    Large - 50 to 55cm across flowers, 60 cm tall

    First photo - Large size

    second photo - Regular size