Ever Young - preserved dried flowers

$95.00 $105.00

Introducing ever young! What better gift to give to that special someone than a never-ending reminder of youth? Our modern and vibrant collection of preserved flowers comes in four awesome colors – red, purple, white, and orange and pink – that are sure to turn heads. Each bunch is carefully crafted in a box perfect for display. Whether you’re looking for something to accent a room or give as an extra-special present, ever young has you covered! The brilliance of our colors will make any giftee smile with delight. So why not surprise them with something different this season? It’s never too late to seize the day with ever young!

Flower box sizes:

Small - 14cm across, height 8cm tall 

Medium - 21cm across, height 11cm 

Large - 24cm across height 13cm tall

Image: Med size 


Flowers are subject to availability and seasonality. Where the flower type is unavailable, a similar flower type of the same or higher value will be replaced without prior advisement. 

All prices are in SGD

No exchange or refund.