Daisy me Away (Fresh)

$69.12 $86.40

Imagine a field of nothing but mini daisies! How absolutely lovely, sunny, cheerful and vibrant would that be? It would be like dancing through a sea of tiny suns, each one shining brighter than the last. The vibrant colors and fragile petals would surely make your heart flutter with joy. It's impossible not to smile at the thought of such a picturesque scene. Let's get lost in a daydream of mini daisies and bask in their delightful charm!


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  • For delivery on Saturday and Sunday, it is encouraged to place order by Friday to secure order. 

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: 10am to 4pm/2pm to 6pm/6pm to 8pm daily


The featured bouquet is a Med Size Bouquet.

All prices are in SGD

No exchange or refund.

For orders opting for Arrangement style - flowers will be arranged in clear glass vase for additional $20


Small - approx 15-20cm across flowers

Medium - approx 30cm across flowers

Large - approx 40cm across flowers