Flower Workshop


In our flower workshop, you will learn what it takes to make a beautiful arrangement. We will talk about colours, texture, layering and a few other pointers that will make a flower arrangement pop or look professionally done! You will also be able to choose to learn either hand-tied bouquet, or florals in vase, or centerpiece using flower foam in our workshops. 

Workshop is held every Wednesday 130pm to 330pm and Saturday 130pm to 330pm. 

Weekday $158

Weekend $168

Dates for Nov are open. 

You get to bring home an arrangement of at least 30cm across. 

Choose either:

Hand-tied bouquet:

How to hold the flowers in your hands while crafting a beautiful arrangement, followed by wrapping techniques to make it a perfect gift or for beautiful presentation.


Florals in Vase:

Perfect for participants who want to learn how to arrange flowers in a vase for display at home or anywhere where flowers are needed! We will provide a clear round vase and teach you how to arrange flowers in it, it is not just filling the vase with flowers!


Flower Box:

Learn how to arrange the flowers in a paper box using floral foam. Great for creating large arrangements for display.

Lesson duration: 2 hour to 3 hour depending on your speed.

Lesson Program:

Notes will be given and briefed through, followed by a demonstration. Participants will then work on their own arrangement with guidance and feedback provided.

No exchange or refund.

For groups bigger than 5, do email us at sayhello@dawnq.com for booking!