Single Stalk Carnation

Single Stalk Carnation


How about something small and simple?

Select your carnations colours and decide if you wish to opt for delivery! 

How about a soft pink Hydrangea with lilies and white tulips? 


In your Cart, please include these necessary details under the "Special instructions for seller" comment box:

  • Date of delivery/self-collection
  • Preferred time of delivery/self-collection
  • Name and Contact Number of recipient
  • Delivery address (if opting for delivery)
  • Message to recipient (if any)


Flowers are subject to availability and seasonality. Where the flower type is unavailable, a similar flower type of the same or higher value will be replaced without prior advisement. Wrapper type and wrapping style may also differ from picture.

Order must be placed 1 working day prior to delivery (additional $20) or self-collection (no charge). 


Free delivery for more than 8 orders. Delivery to 1 location only. 

Just opt for self-collection and inform us that you would like to have them delivered.

All prices are in SGD