Cuddles and Flowers Bunny - preserved flowers


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The Cuddles and Flowers Bunny is the cutest gift you could give to someone special. Imagine the look of pure joy on someone's face when they receive this unique combination of a bunny holding onto a beautiful bouquet of preserved flowers. Perfect for any occasion, this is a must-have for anyone looking to give an unforgettable flower gift. It's the perfect way to toggle feelings of love, care, and appreciation in one gesture. What could be sweeter than that? Enjoy giving and receiving with this dreamy pair!

Size of Bunny: Medium cream blossom bunny 


  • SAME DAY DELIVERY  (Please allow at least 5 hours for delivery upon your time of  purchase)
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: 10am to 4pm/2pm to 6pm/5pm to 8pm 
size: 20 cm across, and 30cm tall 


Flowers are subject to availability and seasonality. Where the flower type is unavailable, a similar flower type of the same or higher value will be replaced without prior advisement. 


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