Christmas Giftbox with Candle

Christmas Giftbox with Candle


It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas! With a candle and fresh Christmas foliage, like Ilex berries, pine cones, orange, cinnamon, preserved red rose and ornaments, it's really hard not to like this! 

Perfect for gifting. 

A maroon paper box with scented candles from Hush Candles and Preserved flowers. 

We have two sizes candles to choose from.

Size of small candle: 4oz, 25 hours burn time. 

Size of large candle: 8oz, 50 hours burn time.

We have three sizes boxes to choose from.

Small - 17cm across height 11cm

Medium - 21cm across, height 11cm

Large - 24cm across height 13cm

**For small and medium boxes, small candles will be used, for large boxes, large candles will be used. 

We have 2 essential oil christmas scent candles available:

Orange Clove

Think warm fireplaces and cosy, quiet nights in. Made from 100% soy wax and scented with natural clove and orange essential oils, this hearty, spicy scent lightened with sweet citrus notes is a great mood setter for the festive season!
It gives off a warm, comforting scent that is grounding and uplifting.

Cinnamon patchouli

Made from 100% soy wax, scented with natural cinnamon leaf and patchouli essential oil. A robust and hearty scent with strong hints of musk and spice, our new Cinnamon Patchouli candle gives a relaxing, grounding feeling reminiscent of our favourite holiday season. The warm, sweet and spicy cinnamon top notes help to increase blood circulation, rendering it a great headache remedy and detoxifies the air, while the soothing undertones of Patchouli help to drive away negative feelings such as sadness, loss and disappointment.