For the Cool Ones (preserved flowers)


A preserved mix of black, khaki and white with candle set in a forest green velvet box.

Dimension of box: 23cm across, 15cm tall.

Note! we have changed the candle to artisan of sense candle. See link below for the images. 

Artisan of Sense candle

Small. 3.2oz. / 90g / 15+hours

Choice of scent:



Summer Rose

 See this link for more candle details



  • SAME DAY DELIVERY  (Please allow at least 5 hours for delivery upon your time of  purchase)
  • Not available on Sundays
DELIVERY SCHEDULE: 10am to 4pm/2pm to 6pm/5pm to 8pm Monday to Saturday



Flowers are subject to availability and seasonality, especially during this COVID-19 period when flowers are especially limited. If a flower type is unavailable, a similar flower type of the same or higher value will be replaced without prior advisement. We will try our very best to create as similar as possible. We seek your understanding. 

 All prices are in SGD