Fall Flowering

NOTE: For deliveries during 8th to 14th Feb 2021, please select the VDAY delivery option before adding item to cart. There will be a surcharge of $25. We hope you understand the surcharge imposed. It is solely to cover  the rising costs of flowers and delivery due to the holiday season.

Delivery Schedule on 14th Feb:
9am to 4pm/ 2pm to 9pm only.
Self-collection available too. 

A gift made to last with a floral fragrant. We find it hard not to like this one! 

A pretty fall flower palette matched with To Be Calm's diffuser, 

Place this diffuser in any room and be soothed by the warm, comforting embrace of Lavender with the beautiful balancing fragrance of Neroli. A timeless favourite.

Fragrance: A fresh and soothing fragrance of lavender with the uplifting notes of Neroli Blossoms

Clean & Fresh: Lavender & Neroli Blossom

Fragrance Family: Floral 

  • Long lasting 3-4 months
  • Alcohol free
  • Made with imported ingredients from Australia and the US
  • 150ml

size of box : 25cm across the box.
Presented as seen in photo.